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Authored by the renowned Efik historian, Efiong Ukpong Aye and building on the work of notable Efik language custodians including King Eyo Honesty 1, Rev. Hope Waddell, Rev. Dr. Hugh Goldie, Dr. E. N. Amaku, Dr. J. E. Henshaw and Mr. E. E. Nkana, A Learner’s Dictionary of the Efik Language is the most comprehensive and modern English to Efik dictionary. It is a book for all ages featuring thousands of old, new and complex words in both English and Efik; illustrative sentences on the usage of words; lessons on all eight parts of speech including adjectives, nouns, pronouns, adverbs and verb conjugations; as well as lessons on numbers, alphabets, pluralisation, and lots more. A must-have for anyone learning the Efik language or interested in the culture and history of the Efik/Calabar people, this dictionary has been tailored to meet all your Efik language needs.

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